Helping institutional investors manage risk and maximise returns in a carbon constrained world

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Carbon Data

Institutional investors need reliable, up to date and accurate carbon emissions data in order to identify their exposure to carbon risk. ET Index provides data on carbon emissions for all known securities covering Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

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Portfolio Carbon Analytics

To manage risk and benefit from opportunities, institutional investors need to map, monitor and measure carbon risk exposure across multiple jurisdictions. ET Index provides market-leading expertise in carbon data and portfolio analytics to enable investors to understand carbon risk and opportunity exposure within any given portfolio.

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Low Carbon & Fossil Free Indexes

Index investors can reduce exposure to carbon risk and increase exposure to the outperformance of low carbon companies. ET Index investors benefit from engagement with constituent companies to lower emissions and improve disclosure through the ET Carbon Rankings suite.

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Read more about the Environmental Tracking Mission Statement here and the Environmental Tracking Principles here.

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